My name is Angie Tait, and I am incredibly excited to invite you to Delta Sigma Pi’s Fall 2021 Recruitment: Back to Business.

When I came out to recruitment during fall quarter last year, it was honestly on a whim. I live by the idea of “how will you know if you never try?”, and I knew that I wanted to really dig down and develop my career path, as well as connect with new people in such a remote time. I was struck by the outgoing kindness and ambition every member carried, and I feel incredibly lucky to know every single person in Delta Sigma Pi.


This chapter is a family to its core, and that means challenging each other to grow into the most empowered versions of ourselves. I learned crucial lessons for success and balance in the real world, and reached new heights in my career progress and future opportunities thanks to the vast community and diverse skill sets this organization provides. I’m on track to achieve success I only dreamed of finding one day, and every individual in the chapter contributed to that growth.

I deeply encourage everyone to come out to recruitment - after a long year apart, we can finally get Back to Business, and we are so excited for you to join us. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and we’ll see you soon!

Back to Business

Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ), founded in 1907 at New York University, is America’s foremost professional co-ed business fraternity, focused on empowering business-minded students and offering an unbreakable brotherhood. Established in 2004, the Omicron Sigma chapter is the only recognized co-ed professional business fraternity at UCSD and is one of the oldest business organizations on campus. Our brothers have worked at PwC, Deloitte, EY, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Intuit and many more amazing companies! The brothers of Omicron Sigma cordially welcome you to expand your network and learn about the incredible resources, opportunities, and connections that Delta Sigma Pi provides for its members and the business community.

Come out to our Recruitment Events throughout Week 1 in Fall 2019 to find what Delta Sigma Pi has to offer you! 

Brotherhood Night.png


Join us on Library Walk Tuesday, September 28th for tabling and learn more about what Recruitment will entail and what Delta Sigma Pi has to offer. Meet with the brothers to hear more about their experiences through Delta Sigma Pi!

Not on campus? Feel free to reach out through our Facebook or Instagram with any questions!


 Monday 10/4 7:00 PM | Meet the Chapter

Come meet us and hear from Alumni speakers

Tuesday 10/5 8:00 PM | Speed Dating

Let's get to know each other!

*Mandatory for Bid Consideration*

Wednesday 10/6 7:00 PM | Professional Night

Participate in case studies and presentations

*Mandatory for Bid Consideration*

Thursday 10/7 | Brotherhood Night

Invite Only

Saturday 10/9 | Interviews

Appointment Only 



Contact our Senior Vice President: 
Angie Tait





With an extensive network of active and alumni Brothers, you will be sure to get advice in any field of business. Whether you are interested in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, or Accounting, we have Brothers across the globe that can help you get ahead of the pack.



Gain the professional experience you need for the business world. Become experienced in cover letters, resumes, professional emails, case studies, public speaking, and interviews. With the help of our pledge program, learn how to carry yourself professionally.


Delta Sigma Pi is not just a network of friends, but Brothers. Brothers harbor lifelong relationships by spending quality time with one another. Have fun and work hard with driven, like-minded people. We love to play sports and watch movies as much as anyone else!


By becoming involved in Delta Sigma Pi, you will see real results and improvement in your leadership skills, professional demeanor, and interpersonal skills. Have hands-on experience in spreading professionalism to the school and reap the results of your hard work.