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Brother Spotlight: Niu-Niu Nie

Niu-Niu Nie

Name: Niu-Niu Nie

Year: 2nd

Major/Minor(s): Communication

Class: Alpha Delta, Winter 2016

Career Interest: Marketing

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary / Chengdu, China

What drew you to Delta Sigma Pi and made you want to join? Why do you stay?

I joined Delta Sigma Pi winter quarter of my freshman year, going to the first event, Meet the Chapter, mainly out of curiosity. I had never heard of a co-ed Fraternity before, let alone a Professional Fraternity. Plus, I am interested in going into marketing; thus, the fact that Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity meant that I had even more the reason to go. Speaking with so many accomplished brothers and seeing the element of brotherhood for myself, I wanted to surround myself with all this positive energy and eventually hopefully inspire some future prospects myself. The determination of brothers to be successful in their respective fields and put themselves out there is incredible, and a trait that I endeavour to develop further.

How has Delta Sigma Pi shaped or enhanced your college experience?

Delta Sigma Pi has definitely changed and enhanced my college experience - I never imagined myself joining a professional Fraternity! Being around so many motivated and inspiring people has helped me grow professionally and personally in ways I could never have done alone.

What is the most honorable/glorifying moment you’ve experienced in the Fraternity thus far?

For me, crossing into the Fraternity is still one of the most honourable moments I have experienced. From not knowing what pledging was, to undergoing six weeks of it, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because all the hard work that we did as a class finally paid off!

What is your favorite aspect of the Fraternity that not many people know about?

Being part of a community. I went to a relatively school small where I knew everyone, so I definitely felt a little lost when I first came to UCSD. I wasn’t used to seeing new faces every single day on the way to class, in lectures, and dining halls etc. But as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, I regained some of that small-community feel which reminded me of home.

Outside the business realm, what are your passions, hobbies, interests?

Traveling. If I had the time, I would use a lot of my time and travel to anywhere possible. In Europe, it’s so easy to go from country to country, as you can drive two hours from Budapest, and end up somewhere in Austria; or you can drive five hours and be in the Czech Republic. It’s amazing how much of a difference a couple hours of driving makes - an hour extra means another language, culture, and country. I love immersing myself into these cultures, especially by trying local cuisine, and experiencing completely new places that allow me to broaden my horizons in this ever growing international world.

What is the most important thing you hope to achieve by the time you graduate UCSD?

I hope to have achieved objectives I set throughout my time at university, whether that is grade, career, or curricular wise. I firmly believe that university is a precious time where you are truly allowed to adventure with so many things. But aside from goals wise, I also wish to form and maintain lasting friendships that I hope to last for many years beyond my college days.

How is your experience studying at UCSD as an International Student?

I attended an international school my entire life, so coming here as an international student wasn’t entirely new for me. However, for my first year and as an international student, it was a lot more about settling in, familiarizing myself with my surroundings, and exploring San Diego. So far though, I have loved every moment of it!

Any weird American tendencies that confuse you as a European?

Taxes! I don’t think I will ever not be a little startled at checkout, when the price I pay is not what I saw on the tag. Another confusion is how America does not use the metric system. I had barely ever used Fahrenheit, inches or pounds in my life before going to university!

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