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Brother Spotlight: Agnes Song & Grand Chapter Congress

Name: Agnes Song

Major/Minor: Political Science/Business

Class: Alpha Gamma

Why did you join Delta Sigma Pi?

I wanted to join Delta Sigma Pi after Alumni Night during my own recruitment. I loved how inspiring both brothers and alumni were after hearing their stories. I also met my future Big that night and meeting her was definitely one of my biggest influences!

How has Delta Sigma Pi enhanced your college career?​

Delta Sigma Pi was my first family in college. As a first-year freshmen coming from a small high school, I felt completely lost. But Delta Sigma Pi gave me people I could rely on, brothers who I could call when I was going through some difficult times and more. I also got a jump start on my professional career and I'm thankful for all of the resources Delta Sigma Pi has given me.

What field of business are you interested in and how has Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for professional work?

Law and/or government affairs analytics. Before Delta Sigma Pi, I didn't even know what networking was! And since I was still exploring career options, I was glad that Delta Sigma Pi gave me various perspectives on such a wide array of fields and also helped connect me to individuals who were in my fields of interest.

What is your favorite aspect of Delta Sigma Pi that not many people know about?​

Our inter-chapter relations! I love getting to know other brothers from different chapters.

What are some of your passions and hobbies outside of business?

I play the piano and I also really love looking at typography designs on Pinterest and Instagram.

What did you learn by attending Grand Chapter Congress in New Orleans this summer?

Going to Grand Chapter Congress this summer, I didn't really know what to expect. But I got so much out of it. Meeting other brothers and learning about their experiences within their own chapters and getting advice really fueled my love for this fraternity. Previously, I was able to give back to the chapter in little ways but now I'm grateful for the opportunity to give to my chapter the knowledge and motivation that I got from Grand Chapter Congress!

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