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Brother Spotlight: SVP Tiffany Tran

Name: Tiffany Tran

Major/Minor: Economics / Accounting

Class: Alpha Epsilon

What drew you to join Delta Sigma Pi?

The passion that all each member has for all that they do and ambition they show for that which they hope to accomplish.

How has Delta Sigma Pi enhanced your college career?

It has given me a community that I know I can fall back on, whether it is for professional or personal goals.

What field of business are you interested in and how has Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for professional work?

I am interested in working in Audit. It has given me the interpersonal skills and professional intellect to excel in the business world.

What is your favorite aspect of Delta Sigma Pi that not many people know about?

The sense of familiarity you can find in each and every brother. Though we are not all exactly the same, there are certain parts of each person I can find myself connecting to in one way or another, and that is probably one of the most comforting feelings for me when I choose to identify myself with a community.

What is one of the greatest things you have learned about yourself as a brother?

One of the greatest things I learned about as a part of the Omicron Sigma Chapter was the power of my voice. Being surrounded by people who encouraged me fraternally, professionally, and personally, showed me that with a clear vision and support, anything is possible. Being a part of the fraternity has allowed me to experience so much within the organization, and UCSD as a whole. As Senior Vice President, I aim to bring the lessons I've learned and my most challenging ideas to the Omicron Sigma Chapter and campus community to lead us all forward!

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