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Brother Spotlight: Avery Guest

Name: Avery Guest

Major/Minor: Economics

Class: Alpha Eta

What drew you to join Delta Sigma Pi?

I was drawn to Delta Sigma Pi because of the professionalism and closeness of all the brothers. They have all accomplished so many things, all the meanwhile traveling and overall enjoying themselves alongside other brothers; which are all things I hope to do.

How has Delta Sigma Pi enhanced your college career?

It gave me perspective on classes, majors, and the social structure of the school. As a first year, I got connected with individuals of all grades with all different interests which was crucial to my transition.

What field of business are you interested in and how has Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for professional work?

Project Management or Strategy/Consulting; It has prepared me through learning about the different professions through different brothers, practicing interviews, critiquing resumes, and becoming a more professional person overall. I also have gained a lot of perspective through the mentorship program with a mentor who has experience in my fields of interests.

What is your favorite aspect of Delta Sigma Pi that not many people know about?

Probably how so many individuals who would likely not normally be friends come together and become so close throughout the Fraternity.

What are you looking forward to as a new brother this year?

I am looking forward to continue learning about professionalism and my personal careers of interest. But more importantly, I want to use my executive position to become involved within the Fraternity in a way that I can become closer with more brothers, further developing friendships!

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