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Brother Spotlight: President Kamakshi Pachauri

Name: Kamakshi Pachauri

Major/Minor: Economics / Accounting

Class: Alpha Delta

What drew you to join Delta Sigma Pi?

I remember my friend pushed me to come out to the first recruitment event, Meet the Chapter, which gave me the opportunity to talk to several brothers and it amazed me how eloquent, charming, and successful all of them were. By the end of the night I knew I wanted to surround myself with these individuals - ambitious, passionate, and extremely welcoming.

How has Delta Sigma Pi enhanced your college career?

Not only did Delta Sigma Pi help me figure out my career interests, but it also gave me a family - a group of people that I can always rely on. Whether I want to study for a midterm, apply to internships, go to coffee shops/explore, or even just chill, there is always a brother willing to hangout!

What field of business are you interested in and how has Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for professional work?

I am interested in Public Accounting. The way Delta Sigma Pi has guided me through this process is through its network. When I was a 1st year, the older brothers in the chapter always offered their mentorship while I was going through the recruiting process. Learning tips and tricks from the older brothers/alumni, I was better able to prepare myself for the networking events and job interviews. Not only was the mentorship helpful, but having other brothers who are going through the same process as me was extremely helpful, since we could work on applications and go to events together.

What is your favorite aspect of Delta Sigma Pi that not many people know about?

Being in the chapter for almost 2 years now, one of my most favorite aspects of Delta Sigma Pi is being able to witness the growth in everyone as they cross into the chapter. I find it amazing to see the amount of confidence one gains from their first week of pledging to after they cross into the chapter. Being able to see the growth in new brothers truly inspires me.

What led you to run for the position as President of Delta Sigma Pi?

The reason I ran for president is because I truly believe in the purpose of Delta Sigma Pi and the power of having a group of highly ambitious and motivated people. I want to help all my brothers understand the insane amount of potential each and every one of them has and work with the amazing executive team to push our chapter to new heights.

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