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Intern Spotlight: Hannah Ngo

Name: Hannah Ngo

Major/Minor: Economics / Cognitive Science

Class: Alpha Zeta

Company: Kaplan

Position: Student Brand Ambassador, UCSD

Describe your internship in one sentence.

Building relations different organizations on campus to spread the resources Kaplan offers towards graduate school

What does your day-to-day look like?

Reaching out to different orgs and coming in to give presentations about graduate school.

What is your favorite part of the company culture?

My manager is super nice, always checks in and even though it’s all virtual work with corporate they do a good job of connecting different brand ambassadors. I got to meet my mentor and co workers who are SBA’s for UCSD in different orgs.

How has Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for your internship?

Being proactive and looking for opportunities like this one. My mentor pushed me to apply for brand ambassador positions so here I am.

Do you have any advice for people who want to obtain an internship?

Make your delivery for whatever you’re trying to market/promote appeal to your consumer base. So make social media posts fun or build strong relations with people that will support what you’re trying to do.

What are the benefits of being a SBA?

It’s pretty cool I got to be a Kaplan SBA because the company is now a sponsor for DSP, so the fraternity gets a free scholarship for any Kaplan course and they are new company supporting us.

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