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Delta Sigma Pi is one of the largest co-ed professional business fraternities in the nation and has over 300 active chapters and over 250,000 initiated members. Ours Fraternity provides great opportunities for students looking for a head start in the business world.

The Omicron Sigma Chapter is based in sunny La Jolla, California at the University of California, San Diego. Founded in May of 2004, our chapter has seen brothers thrive and grow in brotherhood, leadership, service, and professionalism. Our Alumni network extends from marketing departments to financial planning, and from Disney Pixar to Deloitte.

Since its founding in 1907, Delta Sigma Pi aims to be America's preeminent professional business fraternity. Part of that founding as to form a brotherhood of people from diverse walks of life, at a time when other organizations excluded certain groups from membership. A great strength of our Fraternity is a membership as diverse as the business world, for which we are preparing our members. We are a mixture of different voices from various backgrounds that challenge the status quo and lead us to excellent ideas in the business world.


Hello there! My name is Mirae Kim, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Omicron Sigma chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. As a part of one of the largest co-ed business fraternities in the nation, our brothers at UC San Diego have established and promoted the advancement of business not only on campus but throughout the world. 

In Fall 2021, when I was still a clueless first-year commuter student, I decided to join Delta Sigma Pi. Looking to find a community where I can have fun and grow as a person, I was immediately drawn by the brothers who hold themselves to the highest standards of our four pillars: Leadership, Service, Professionalism, and Brotherhood. Now, DSP is in my everyday college life—whether it’s a late-night study session at Geisel, a coffee chat with alumni asking for career advice, or a spontaneous road trip with my pbros to get ice cream, the DSP community always has a means of making our lives a little more rewarding and enjoyable. The passion, ambition, and knowledge of our brothers inspire me every day to become a better version of myself, and this organization has become my home at UCSD that I will always come back to.


It is an honor to be affiliated with such an amazing organization, and I am beyond excited to serve our chapter and the business community on campus as the President of Delta Sigma Pi.


-Mirae Kim

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